We all share the values of responsibility and diligence, embracing solid working ethics and trust to our people.
We’re proud to see that the devotion to our Clients leads to the creation of a strong professional bonding, based in trust and long-lasting commitment.
Our goal will be fulfilled if we become the trustworthy partner that you can rely on.


Geoterra was founded in 1996, aiming to become a trustworthy scientific partner, capable of covering the increasing needs of the infrastructure industry in the fields of geotechnical design and quality control.

During the last 25 years, Geoterra has been operating in the fields of Geotechnical Design, Soil Mechanics, Rock Engineering and Civil Works Quality Control, participating in many large scale infrastructure projects in Greece (Egnatia Motorway, P.A.TH.E., Athens Tram, Olympic works, New Motorway, Olympia Motorway).

Today, GeoTerra continues its dynamic presence through selective partnerships, participating in various demanding projects.

The company is located in Athens, Greece. It’s housed in a 450 m2 building, which includes both the Geological – Geotechnical Design & Consulting Department and the Geomechanics & Quality Control Laboratory.


GeoTerra can guarantee a high quality of services and support, based on the confidence derived by our people: well-trained scientists with remarkable technical experience in their fields, always focused on improving and innovating.
The members of our Team include well experienced geo-scientists and engineers who combine the deep knowledge on soil – rock materials and their properties with a continuous sparkle to improve and apply integrated solutions and methodologies related to construction and mitigation measures.
Our people cover the following specialties:

  • Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Mineralogists
  • Geophysicists and GIS experts
  • Geotechnical Engineers & Engineering Geologists
  • Civil and Mine Engineers
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Material Experts and Lab Technicians


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